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Collection Pixel•Ghost Supply : 0/300 Price : 200 VLX Creator : Pixel Ghost Velas MINT
Collection Crypto game Supply : 54/54 Price : 200 VLX Creator : Velas Doge SOLD OUT

In the vast world of Crypto, cute little ghosts are looking for a place to haunt.

And here .... the "Pixel Ghost" and their choice fell on the velas chain !

They will be 2000 in number and they will spread throughout the blockchain Each Ghost pixel is unique and some of them will make you legendary.

The ghost hunt will start on January 29, don't miss the opportunity to catch them !

Great prizes are up for grabs, plus 15,000 vlx to win, many airdrops, and lots of other gifts for the best hunters !!! Stay tuned !


No attribute
Hands ★★
Hands / Hat ★★★
Hands / Hat / Glasses / Mask★★★★
Hands / Hat / Glasses / Outfit ★★★★
Black Background ★★★★★

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Term of use

Once your NFT is minted on the blockchain, you will not be able to edit or update any of its information. You agree that any information uploaded to the MY NFT Minter will not contain material subject to copyright or other proprietary rights, unless you have necessary permission or are otherwise legally entitled to post the material.

How to import my NFT ?

Open your Metamask and enter the contract adress and id of your NFT.
Congrats ! You have successfully minted an NFT, and you can now view it !

NFT Contract address by smart chain

-> 0x7320eEDE074E859C7ac190F836092e6c101c7CE6
-> 0x692E9d41Ef4eB7Ad559f4F0ef48EFc3092c7512C
-> 0x11948450adfab8c5c4aae8006c6362789c389e59
-> 0x11948450aDfab8c5c4aAE8006C6362789c389e59

Others Smart Chain coming soon !